Spherical Gallery

NOTE: If using Internet Explorer please place mouse over aerial images to continue loading.

Below are two Spherical Panoramas captured by Chopperpix. Provided is a map as well, which shows a few additional locations where Chopperpix has captured imagery. If you click and drag, you can move the map. When you double click on the map, you automatically zoom in on the area you have selected. Also, to the left of the map you will find the movement controls and zoom.

The points that appear on the map like this mark the space where each panorama was taken. If you click on any one of them, an information box will open, with details of the panorama. If you have problems closing the information box because it is outside the visible frame of the map, click and drag the map down until you can see the close button of the information box.

At the top right of the map you have three options: standard map, physical map and mixed map. By default, the standard map will be shown, but you can select the map you prefer.